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Parodies: The Social Network and Inception

14 Feb

Inception and The Social Network were two of the most watched and acclaimed movies of the year—being praised as some of the best filmmaking of the year.

The Social Network, nominee for best picture of the year, stars Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timerlake.  As many of you know, it tells the story of the start of the social networking site Facebook.

A group of students under the name of Atomic Productions “bro-ified” the movie in this parody that is making its way through Duke listservs. Currently with 476,923 views, the parody is quickly gaining popularity as it depicts a party-loving view of college life with extremely comical parallels between The Social Network.

Before “The Brocial Network” hit the web, Inception met the same hilarious fate, becoming “Inebriation” and is at almost one million views.

The stereotypical alcohol-driven college student is rampant in films, and even when they’re not, some feel the need to put their own spin on it to fill the mold.

All in good fun or does this illuminate a problem?

I personally think they’re just hysterical and my Valentine’s Day gift to you!

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